The Agricultural and Vegetable Oils Committee manages relations with the key trade associations in this area, and contributes to standards, including those for the acceptance of inspectors and the accreditation of inspection agencies in the field. For example, Agricultural Committee Chair Johny Boerjan is the current IFIA delegate to ISO TC 34/SC2 (Oilseeds), including its Working Group on the revision of ISO 542. IFIA is also a non-trading member of FOSFA (The Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations).

In addition to their general requirements as IFIA members, all IFIA members involved in the testing, inspection and certification of Agricultural Products and Vegetable Oils observe a detailed and sector-specific Code of Practice. Please click here to view or download a copy.


Johny Boerjan, SGS, Switzerland


Saybolt, UK (Andre Hoogland)

Bureau Veritas, France (Ivan Ivanov, alternate Christian Vitrac)

Control Union, Switzerland (Daniel Eisma)

Cotecna, Switzerland (Marc-Anthony Brandt)

OMIC, Japan (Shinichi Akimoto)

Intertek, Switzerland  (Thierry Ruppe, alternate Valentin Rossel)

Soex, Russia  (Vladimir Batogov)

Baltic Control, Denmark (Karina Engstrom Nielsen)

SGS, Switzerland (Olivier Coppey)

Control Union International, Germany (Arne Janssen)

NMCI, USA (Mobarak Shah)

Cargo Inspection Group, UK (Konstantin Stefanov)

Geo Chem, India (Anish Bahl, alternate Kshitej Bahl)

UIS, Libya (Jamal Dhawi)

Ravi Energy, India (Ravindra Patel)

ASCB, Brazil (Benjamin Bourse, Marc-Anthony Brandt)

Alex Stewart International, UK (Glenn Forbes)



Agricultural and Vegetable Oils Committee Publications

  Bulletin 11-01 Fit for Human Consumption Rev 3

  Bulletin 11-02 Free From... Statements

  Bulletin 12-01 Phytosanitary Certificates

  Bulletin 12-02 Sound Loyal and Merchantable

  Bulletin 14-01 Fit for Animal Consumption

  Bulletin 15-01 Health Certificates

  Bulletin 15-02 Seaworthiness Certificates Rev 1