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The International Federation of Inspection Agencies website provides information about the wide range of activities that the association undertakes.

IFIA aims to improve the methods, standards, safety procedures and rules used by its members for the benefit of both them and their stakeholders.

IFIA works closely with governmental and trade bodies in the realisation of its goals. Founded in 1982, IFIA is headquartered in London, UK and is a non-profit making organisation.

Latest News & Events

How safe are the products we buy?

February 21st 2017

How safe are the products we buy?

Consumer Products Safety Study 2016

November 23rd 2016

Download – Consumer Product Safety Study 2016  

7th International Safety Conference – “How to ensure product safety in a global market?”, 8th November 2016, Brussels

September 20th 2016

CEOC International, ETICS, EUROLAB and IFIA organized the 7th International Safety Conference titled “How to ensure product safety in a global market?” on 8th November 2016, 17:00h at the Stanhope Hotel (Rue du Commerce 9) in Brussels. Ahead of the 2016 International Consumer Product Safety Week, the TIC (Testing, Inspection and Certification) Sector came together with Read More

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