IFIA operates a number of ‘Sector Committees’, each of which deals with an area of specific product or market interest. IFIA also has three ‘horizontal’ Committees – the Legal, Compliance and Accreditation Committees – which are of direct relevance to all members. In addition, IFIA currently has one regional committee, the IFIA Americas Committee Inc. This legal entity provides the basis for certain IFIA activities in the USA. For information regarding the activities and membership of each of IFIA’s Committees, please click on the links to the right-hand side of this screen.

IFIA’s model Committee Rules apply to the operation of each of these Committees, unless they have developed more specific rules which have been approved by IFIA’s Council. The IFIA Committee Rules allow for the participation of representatives from each IFIA member company, and normally all those member companies active in the sector in question participate.

Certain Committees have produced sector-specific Codes of Practice. These are regularly reviewed and updated by the Committees concerned.

Non-members of IFIA may be invited by a Committee to participate in the work of that Committee, provided they have some interest in the respective sector of business. As non-members, they are not entitled to vote.