In 2011, the Agricultural Committee began to publish bulletins on issues of importance to the industry. These bulletins typically address current issues that directly impact the ongoing business operations of IFIA Agricultural Committee member companies, or disseminate information on non-technical matters affecting operations. Bulletins are published on an as-needed basis and are listed below in PDF format. The contents of these bulletins do not detract from, or take precedence over, any legal or contractual duties undertaken by the IFIA member company, and IFIA accepts no responsibility for acts or omissions of members or others who may make use of them.

  Bulletin 11-01 Fit for Human Consumption Rev 4

  Bulletin 11-02 Free From... Statements

  Bulletin 12-01 Phytosanitary Certificates

  Bulletin 12-02 Sound Loyal and Merchantable

  Bulletin 14-01 Fit for Animal Consumption

  Bulletin 15-01 Health Certificates

  Bulletin 15-02 Seaworthiness Certificates Rev 1