IFIA has operated a Petroleum Inspector Certification Programme since 1998. Two question sets are available to take account of regional differences in standards and working practices: “Americas”, covering the US, Canada, Central and South America and the Caribbean, and “International”, covering Africa, Asia and Europe.

The examinations are monitored by advisory boards which include representatives from oil companies and, for the Americas examination, the US Customs Service.

Until further notice, applications for examinations in the US and Canada will follow the same process as for the rest of the world.

To become a Certified Inspector of Petroleum, candidates must complete a specified set of training tasks as defined in the Inspector Training Requirements List and pass an examination. Successful candidates will receive a certificate to document their achievement. Certificates are valid for a period of five years, following which it is necessary for inspectors to be re-examined.

All examinations are now computer-based, and can be taken at a local test centre, selected by the inspection agency.

Test Question Books for both the International examination (for Africa, Asia and Europe) and the Americas examination (for the US, Canada, Central and South America and the Caribbean) are provided for free download. Versions of the International examination test questions in English, French, Russian and Spanish are available, and versions of the Americas examination test questions are available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Inspectors may sit the examination in any of the available languages.

The choice of examination language and programme (International or Americas) must be made when the examination appointment is booked. When booking examinations, please ensure that the correct programme is selected:

  • International English, International French, International Spanish or International Russian for Africa, Asia and Europe
  • Americas English, Americas Spanish or Americas Portuguese for the US, Canada, Central and South America and the Caribbean.


Examinations in Africa, Asia and Europe, and in Central and South America and the Caribbean will take place on a rolling programme, with examinations being offered in each country every six months. Please follow the link to the examination schedule page to see when examinations will be offered in your region, and also to see when applications must be submitted to IFIA for approval.

Examinations in the US and Canada take place throughout the year, and applications can be submitted at any time.


A step-by-step guide to the examination registration and examination appointment booking process for all members is available to download in English, French, Russian and Spanish.

Examination Application Guide – English
Examination Application Guide – French
Examination Application Guide – Russian
Examination Application Guide – Spanish

Member companies can register inspectors for the examination during the month before the start of their local examination period. The closing date for applications can be found on the examinations schedule page of this website. Branches will need to complete a branch booking form the first time they enter inspectors for the on-line examination, and will be allocated a branch booking code. This code should be used for all future inspector certification applications.

An application for certification form must be submitted for each candidate. Both forms must be completed on-line by clicking on the link below. Once the forms have been submitted, you will sent an email from petcomadmin@ifia-federation.org providing detailed information on the application process.

Fees are given below, and members will be invoiced at the beginning of the examination period for all candidates registered. It is not possible to cancel registered places, but it is possible to nominate a substitute candidate before the start of the examination period by contacting the IFIA PetCom Secretary at petcomadmin@ifia-federation.org.

The examination will be taken at a local test centre with appointments made via Prometric. Test centre locations can be found by clicking the green “Locate a Test Center” button at the bottom of the following Prometric page:

IFIA Prometric


Application process for non-IFIA members


Companies will be charged for each candidate registered with IFIA to take the examination. Fees for 2014 will be GBP 120 per candidate for IFIA members.
A fee of GBP 20 will be charged for each branch registered to submit candidates for on-line examinations. This will be a one off fee and will not be repeated unless branch details are changed.


As noted above, training is a key part of the certification process. An attestation that all of the specified training tasks have been completed is included on the application form. In addition to this attestation companies will be asked to submit copies of internal training records for review. This will be on a random basis for IFIA members and will apply to all candidates from non-IFIA member organisations.

For candidates sitting the International examination, these records should, as a minimum, show clearly that each training task on the International Training Requirements List (available below) has been completed with a corresponding date and signature (trainer or manager). A Training Record Book (International) which may be used to maintain these records is available for download from the link below. All training records for review by IFIA must be provided in English.

Candidates sitting the Americas examination should use the Training Record Book (Americas) to provide evidence of completion of all required training. This must be provided to IFIA on request.


Examination scores, and certificates for successful participants, are issued electronically to the branch contact or scheduler by IFIA at the beginning of the month following the examination.



  Inspector Training Record Book
This book may be used as part of an in house training record and contains all of the training tasks required for IFIA certification.

  Training Requirements List
This lists mandatory Training Tasks which must be completed by all candidates prior to taking the certification examination.

  International Test Question Book - English

  International Test Question Book - French

  International Test Question Book - Russian

  International Test Question Book - Spanish


  Inspector Training Record Book (Americas) - US English

  Inspector Training Record Book (Americas) - Portuguese

  Inspector Training Record Book (Americas) - Spanish

  Americas Test Question Book - US English

  Americas Test Question Book - Portuguese

  Americas Test Question Book - Spanish


PLEASE NOTE: the two forms below should be completed on line . Please click on ‘submit’ when you have completed the form. Forms will be processed and returned to you by email from petcomadmin@ifia-federation.org. If the approved forms have not been received within 10 working days, please contact petcomadmin@ifia-federation.org.

BRANCH BOOKING FORMThis form must be completed the first time branches submit candidates for the on-line examination.

APPLICATION FOR CERTIFICATIONThis form must be completed for all candidates.

For additional information on all examination issues, please contact us at petcomadmin@ifia-federation.org. Tel: +44 1694 731120.