IFIA Compliance Code
The Compliance Code defines the standards of conduct and integrity with which IFIA members must comply.

  IFIA Compliance Code: Implementation Guidelines
The Guidelines provide IFIA Members with an approved means of meeting the Requirements for Implementation of the IFIA Compliance Code.

  IFIA Guidance Checklist for Members’ Internal Compliance Audits
The checklist acts as a guide to the areas that the Member’s internal audit is likely to need to cover.

  IFIA Compliance Training Guide
This presentation outlines the IFIA Compliance Code Principles and may be used as part of a Compliance Code training programme.


  Council Regulation 1
This document describes membership categories and provides details of the IFIA membership criteria and application procedure.

  Council Regulation 2
IFIA Membership Subscriptions Regulation 2 made by the Council Pursuant to Article 37 of the Articles of Association on 12th October 2001, revised in January 2017

  IFIA Council Regulation 4 - Complaints and Disciplinary Procedures
IFIA Complaints and Disciplinary Procedures Regulation 4 made by the Council pursuant to Article 37 of the Articles of Association on 29th July 2003

  Council Regulation 5
This document provides details of the membership criteria, commitments and obligations for associated members, and the application procedure for associated members.