IFIA has operated a Petroleum Inspector Certification Programme since 1998. Two schemes operate for administration purposes to take account of any differences in standards and working practices: ‘Americas’ and ‘Africa, Asia and Europe’.   Both schemes are open to IFIA and non-IFIA member companies. You will find further information about the Petroleum Inspector Certification Programme by clicking on the button marked ‘Inspector Certification’ to the left of this page.  For assistance regarding the ‘Americas’ scheme, including details of how to register a candidate or candidates, please contact arbmail@aol.com or tel +1 703 533 9539. For assistance regarding the ‘Africa, Asia and Europe’ scheme please contact petcomadmin@ifia-federation.org or tel + 33 (0)243 23 92 27.

Examinations are held at a large number of locations globally. You will find details of the latest examination locations and dates for both the ‘Americas’ scheme and the ‘Africa, Asia and Europe’ scheme by clicking on the links shown to the right of this screen.