Companies which are not IFIA members may put forward candidates for examination following completion of a registration process and payment of a registration fee.

Companies must be independent inspection organisations providing third-party inspection services. These services must include the inspection of bulk cargoes of animal, marine and vegetable oils and fats for custody transfer. Companies must possess the ability to provide training and ongoing assessment of inspectors which meets the requirements of the certification programme. Companies may be required to demonstrate this ability.

Companies which wish to apply for registration should download and complete the following form:

  Non-member Registration form

The completed form, with supporting documents, should be scanned and returned to Please ensure that all sections are completed.

When the completed application form has been received, an application fee of GBP 500 (EUR 600 from 1st January 2018) will be charged. An invoice for this sum will be issued by IFIA and will include instructions for payment. This fee must be paid before the application can be considered and is not refundable.

Companies must provide the following information with their request for registration:

  • Company ownership and registration details
  • Brief description of services provided in relation to bulk cargoes of animal, marine and vegetable oils and fats
  • Names and contact details of company safety and training officers
  • References from a number of clients (normally three) to which independent inspection services have been provided

Non IFIA member companies which provide this information and satisfy the requirements noted above will be registered with IFIA and will be permitted to submit candidates for examination and certification. Registration will be subject to renewal after five years, and an application fee of GBP 250 (EUR 300 from 1st January 2018) will be payable on renewal.

Booking examinations:

Non-member companies which have completed the registration process and paid the registration fee can book places during the month before the start of their local examination period for examinations. The closing date for applications can be found on the examinations schedule page of this website. Branches will need to complete a branch booking form the first time they enter candidates for the examination, and will be allocated a branch booking code. This code should be used for all superintendent certification applications.

An application for certification form must be submitted for each candidate. Candidates must be employed by, or contracted to, the company making the applications.  Forms must be completed on-line by clicking on the link below. As from the beginning of October 2017 an Audit Summary covering a field audit carried out within 18 months of application will be required for each candidate. Training records, in English, will be required for all new candidates.

Once the application for certification forms and training records have been received, invoices will be issued for the examination fees. Detailed information on how to make examination appointments will be provided when the examination fees have been paid. Fees are given below.

It is not possible to cancel a candidate once their application has been approved by IFIA, but it is possible to nominate a substitute candidate before the start of the examination period by contacting


Candidate applications must be completed before the start of the examination period. Fees are currently GBP 330 per candidate for non IFIA members but will change to EUR 400 from 1st January 2018. Payment must be received before applications can be approved and examination appointments scheduled.



PLEASE NOTE: the forms below should be completed on line. Please click on ‘submit’ when you have completed the form. Forms will be processed and returned to you by email from If the approved forms have not been received within 10 working days, please contact

BRANCH BOOKING FORM – This form must be completed the first time branches submit candidates for the on-line examination.
APPLICATION FOR CERTIFICATION AFRICA, ASIA, EUROPE, CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN – This form must be completed for all candidates registering to sit the examination in these regions.
APPLICATION FOR CERTIFICATION : US AND CANADA – This form must be completed for all candidates registering to sit the examination in the US, US Territories and Canada.

For additional information on all examination issues, please contact Tel: +44 (0) 1694 731120