Full membership is only awarded to Testing/Inspection/Certification organisations once IFIA is satisfied, after a scrutiny process, that the applicant organisation meets all of its membership requirements. There is a separate associated membership category for testing and inspection organisations which are subject to ownership by a national government, government agency or government controlled entity and have satisfied the requirements for associated membership under Council Regulation 5. The requirements for full membership include that the organisation:

  • Has processes and controls in place to ensure its personnel are free from conflicts of interest and act impartially
  • Is subject to corporate governance and management by fit and proper persons
  • Has been in the business for a minimum of three years
  • Holds professional liability insurance
  • Has adequate financial resources
  • Has in place an appropriately certified quality management system
  • Has in place a health and safety management programme
  • Maintains an adequate number of trained permanent personnel to carry out its services
  • Implements all IFIA specific requirements or codes of practice applicable to the sectors in which it works
  • Implements the requirements of IFIA’s Compliance Code across its whole organisation
  • Subjects its approved Compliance Programmes to annual external audit

All applicants for IFIA membership are independently audited to confirm that they meet the above IFIA membership requirements.

Please note: Details of the membership requirements for both full and associated IFIA membership can be found in the ‘Becoming a member’ section of this website.