IFIA Certification Programme Guidelines
These guidelines cover the agricultural and petroleum certification programmes.


Test Questions

The Test Question Books contain the question bank from which examination questions will be taken, and can be downloaded for examination preparation and training. The correct answers are marked by an asterisk.

  International Test Question Book - English

  International Test Question Book - French

  International Test Question Book - Russian

  International Test Question Book - Spanish

  International Test Question Book - Portugese


Training and Audit

  Inspector Training Record Book
This book may be used as part of an in house training record and contains all of the training tasks required for IFIA certification.

  Training Requirements List
This lists mandatory Training Tasks which must be completed by all candidates prior to taking the certification examination.

  Inspector Field Audit Guide
This document includes three worksheets: - Introduction - Audit Summary (IFIA may request this for any candidate) - Audit Form (Guidance for a typical inspector field audit)