IFIA member companies are in the business of reducing risk. In order to achieve this, they work with their clients to optimise the quality and safety of a wide range of products, processes and systems across the globe.

IFIA member companies offer a number of services, including certification and inspection, systems audits, training, technical and documentary support.

Through providing these services, IFIA members aim to ensure not only that regulatory requirements are met, but also that reliability, economic value, environmental impact and social responsibility are enhanced.

IFIA membership is not compulsory for any testing, inspection or certification company. However, there are certain regulatory or market situations where external parties require companies to be in membership of IFIA in order to tender for specific contracts:

  • In the regulatory sphere this applies to Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) contracts issued under Government mandate, where WTO member countries have to ensure that inspection companies contracted by them comply with the requirements of the WTO Agreement on Pre-Shipment Inspection. IFIA, in turn, requires its members to demonstrate their compliance with the WTO obligations through their certification to the IFIA PSI Code of Practice.
  • In the free market sphere purchasers in the commodity inspection field sometimes ask for evidence of IFIA membership as a pre-tender qualification.

When external contracting parties specify a requirement for IFIA membership in this way, they do so entirely of their own volition and without any involvement of IFIA, which assumes no responsibility for such requirement. What such parties can however expect from IFIA members is that they have committed to comply with the levels of competence and compliance in the IFIA membership criteria (IFIA Council Regulation 1) which are subject to initial check by IFIA and annual self-declaration by all members.